VITRY's values

Our mission is to preserve your natural beauty day after day. VITRY's employs all its values,
Quality, Authenticity, Refinement, Tradition & Modernity, Durability, Beauty, Health,
in its commitment to offer you the best beauty accessories and cosmetic care.

«Perpetuating elegance through the values of craftsmanship»

The brand, founded in 1795, combines both French expertise and quality with beauty accessories that come with a lifetime guarantee.

VITRY is one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in the world, drawing on it skills in the field of surgical instruments.
Vitry accessories, reliable, sure and made in France.
For more than 200 years, several generation of highly qualified workers have used their skills to satisfy our customers employing elegance and the exemplary quality standards set by of our French production sites.

«No accessory leaves our factory unless it meets the exemplary standards set by our French production sites»

Vitry champions the codes of elegance and refinement with a touch of glamour and «French chic».

Because we listen to women’s needs, VITRY produces high quality, sound products, exclusively for Specialist Pharmacies and High Street Chemists.

To offer you the very best, VITRY relies on the effectiveness of its formulae and the technical sophistication of its skin care products.

«Vitry’s history is only just beginning»