The products

The products that apply to this guarantee are all the products made from stainless steel with the VITRY stamp. Other items also benefit from this guarantee: they can be identified by their “lifetime guarantee” logo.

What does ‘lifetime guarantee’ mean?

By using the term ‘lifetime guarantee’, VITRY agrees to refurbish, repair and/or exchange the product, allowing the customer to keep a good working product for life.


The lifetime guarantee can only be applied if the item has been used for the purpose to which it was intended. When returning a product, a report will be drawn up to determine if the item’s use was considered ‘normal’.

The guarantee does not apply to malfunctions or breakages due to a handling error committed by the customer.

Example: for ceramic blades, we guarantee the quality of filling of the blades, but we do not guarantee them if they break following a knock or drop.

How is the ‘lifetime guarantee’ used?

The pharmacist can exchange the faulty item directly for the customer.
The pharmacist will then send the faulty item to our sales team who will proceed with the exchange. The customer (or pharmacist) can also send us the faulty item directly for repair.
The item simply needs to be sent back to us at the following address:

VITRY – Service ADV – 15 rue de la Communauté – 44140 LE BIGNON – France

– the reason for the return
– the address to which we should return the repaired item.

We will take care of the costs for repair, refurbishment and reshipment.