Longcils Boncza
A tradition
of excellence
since 1950

The hypoallergenic makeup range
which also cares of your skin.

A new make-up line for VITRY with the acquisition of LONGCILS BONCZA, the famous brand of specialist eye makeup. A successful entry for this range in the world of pharmaceutical cosmetic products, thanks to its high-tolerance hypoallergenic formulas.

“Longcils Boncza, with trendy colours for a perfect, long-lasting makeup, bringing shine and depth to the eyes.”

Designed in 1950 by Doctor BONCZA for professional make-up artists; creator of the Cake Mascara for actresses of the time and still relevant today with its exclusive formula.

LONGCILS BONCZA is the only brand to offer a makeup range specifically designed for the eyes.

From Marilyn Monroe to Demi Moore, each generation falls in love with LONGCILS BONCZA's makeup and remains loyal to it.

Longcils Boncza has proven its high-tolerance formulas on millions of women, making it the expert in hypoallergenic eye makeup.

The original Cake Mascara

A legendary mascara

Movie stars' makeup secret 

An essential, hypoallergenic product, used by women over many generations. 65 years after it was launched, the Cake Mascara remains as famous as in the 1950s.

A 3-in-1 mascara

The Cake Mascara produces the longest, thickest and curviest lashes for a deep, glamorous look. This mascara doesn't run, doesn't bind and doesn't crumble!


How to use the Cake Mascara

Apply a drop of water to the Cake Mascara and mix it with the brush. Apply the Cake Mascara like a classic mascara, from the roots of the lashes to the tips.

Mascara Pro Expert
The combination of an eyelash repairing care and makeup

An innovative formula rich in active ingredients to strengthen and enhance the eyelashes' growth, while slowing down their loss.

From 30 days:

  • 43% longer eyelashes
  • 136% more volume
  • 40% thicker eyelashes

Apply 3 coats of Mascara Pro Expert on bare and clean eyelashes.
It is recommended to apply the product twice a day for visible eyelashes growth results.

Gentle care lipstick

Hydra'Confort is specially designed to give optimum hydration and maximum comfort.

Your lips will be left looking fuller, nourished and protected thanks to its creamy texture and light, gentle sheen.


Universal Complexion Powder
Compact face powder

The Universal Complexion Powder is designed to correct and brighten every complexion.

Each colour has its own properties and action on the skin.


Discover Longcils Boncza full range of products

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Compact face powder The Universal Complexion Powder is designed to correct and brighten every complexion.Innovation: micronisation pigment technology guarantees an even and...

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GENTLE CARE LIPSTICK Hydra'Confort is specially designed to give optimum hydration and maximum comfort. The lipstick has a shea butter, mango and coconut oil formula for intense...

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THE PERFECT SHADE IN A SINGLE CLICK 5-in-1 formula for hydration, protection, correction, anti-ageing and antioxidant action. A fluid foundation with SPF 30 - covers and...

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THE COMPACT, MULTI-PURPOSE MAKEUP BRUSH A compact and smooth brush, ideal to apply and fade complexion makeup; from foundation to powder. The N°5 Brush is wide and bevelled to...

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GENTLE CARE AT THE HEART OF A CORRECTIVE CONCEALER. 2-in-1 action: care and correction Green: discretly and gently hides rednesses. Beige: gently conceals dark circles and...

13,13 €

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KHOL PENCIL, AN EYE MAKE-UP ESSENTIAL Its conical form mirrors the shape of the eye and adjusts to each woman’s face shape for easy application and intense colour lines. Create...

9,83 €

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WIDE EYESHADOW BRUSH Flat and precise brush to fade the eyeshadiw. The N°1 Brush's firmness allows a wide product collection and easy application. It is the ideal brush for a...

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PRECISE EYESHADOW BRUSH The N°2 Brush is designed to apply powder eyeshadows in an even and precise gesture. Its long round and dense hair enables a light product application...

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A FLUFFY ROUND BRUSH TO EVENLY ENHANCE YOUR COMPLEXION  The N°3 Complexion Powder brush sets and matifies the complexion evenly.It enables a proper sculpting and highlighting...

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CHEEKBONES ARE EMPHASIZED AND HIGHLIGHTED The N°4 Blush brush allows a light and even application of the blush powder. Its round and flat shape enables easy and precise gesture...

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BRONZING POWDER FOR A NATURAL TAILOR-MADE COMPLEXION ALL YEAR LONG Bain de Soleil compact powder enables to evenly sculpt the face and naturally enhance the complexion. A...

15,46 €

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THE PERFECT ALLIANCE OF A MOISTURIZING BALM WITH AN INTENSE COLOUR Moisturize, nourish and colour your lips with Lov'in Sticks. A balm's moisturizer, a lipstick's colour and a...

10,33 €

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THE LASHES REPAIR CARE No more thin and sparse s lashes! Toni'cils Serum is a care treatment to speed up growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.Its formula slows eyelash loss and...

14,46 €

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THIN & SPARSE LASHES?Madame Longcils gives extra volume and curl to your lashes. Its conical shape, extremely precise brush covers all your lashes - even the shortest - for...

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Short & Straight lashes? So Mythic is a 3 in 1 mascara: length, lashes separation and long-lasting. The perfect synergy of a formula which extends lashes thanks to its...

12,79 €

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THE DOUBLE TIP SEMI-PERMANENT EYELINER An extra-pigmented formula ensuring a very long-wearing eye makeup.Its felt-pen tip enables a precise and easy application. Semi-Permanent...

8,92 €

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A UNIQUE WAY TO VISIBLY AND INSTANTLY LENGTHEN YOUR LASHES The Lash Extenderis made up of microfibres, which, when applied between two coats of mascara provide added volume,...

17,38 €
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BOTTLED EYELINER - WHEN MAKEUP MEETS CALLIGRAPHY The liquid formula, rich in pigments with a dazzling shine, spreads easily for fast, easy application. Eye make-up made easy.The...

10,67 €

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CAKE MASCARA: MAKEUP SECRET OF THE STARS A true classic, Cake Mascara has been used by whole generations of women. 60 years after its creation, this product still has the power...

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