VITRY's accessories

Quality accessories, with lifetime guarantee, made in France with a unique know-how.

None of our accessories leave our factory until they meet the faultless quality of our handmade manufacturing.


What makes Vitry's tweezers special?

VITRY stainless steel tweezers are synonymous with quality. Sold for more than 50 years in pharmacies, they are hand finished down to the finest details, both in terms of shape and functiontionality.

Our tweezers are recommended by famous make-up artists such as Bobbi Brown.

The special features of our tweezers.

  • First there is a technical characteristic, the use of high quality stainless steel which explains why our tweezers remain perfect for years.

    430 Stainless steel meets American AISI standards or X6CR17 according to EURONORM (0.8% carbon, 17% chromium).

  • They can be sterilised.

  • The know-how of our craftsmen and the faultless quality of our French production.
  • The perfect contact between the ends, increasing usage accuracy for a professionl finish.
  • Arm tension resulting in a perfect resistance when handling: perfect grip, increasing the ends' pressure on the hair.
  • None of our tweezers leave the factory until they meet the faultless quality of our manufacturing.

Some advice to choose the appropriate tweezers' ends.

Angled Tips: universal, the most widely used, all areas.

Crab Tips: the inward-curving tip manage to remove the finest, shortest hair without breaking them.

Thin Tips:for sub-cutaneous hair and splinters.

Straight Tips:specific for thick hair.

Round Tips: safety to avoid injury (for elderly people).

Yataghan Tips: 3-in-1 use, tweezer for hair and splinters.

Crab-slant Tips: removal of fine and short hairs, specific to the face and eyebrows, with perfect precision.


All of our stainless-steel scissors are made at the VITRY factory.

They are machined to a precision of 4 microns by CNC milling lathes. Finishing is by hand, by professional craftsmen, and each item is tested on fine piece of fabric, which is why they come with a life-time guarantee.

Scissors for skin and cuticles

Skin scissors, in the shape of a cathedral, allows you to cut what you want easily, thanks to a much thinner blade.

How to recognise a quality pair of scissors.

All our scissors are assembled with a stainless-steel gold-plated screw and some have a stop for a perfect precision in cutting and ease of use.

On closing a pair of scissors, the blades cross in a loose way for the first third, then in a firmer way for the other two thirds, the cutting edges remaining in permanent contact until totally closed. The helical correction of the interior of the blades guarantees a perfect cut.

VITRY nail clippers, essential for the care of hands and feet.

VITRY nail clippers in stainless steel are riveted.

When closed, a good quality nail clipper must leave a progressive gap between the cutting edges of the tips, and meeting at each end.

How to cut toenails correctly.

Cut toenails squarely and avoid a round shape. Cutting the corners off or shaping round nails increases the risk of ingrowing toenails.

VITRY nail files, there is one to suit everyone, always with the same quality.

How to use a file properly.

Filing should be done on dry nails, by making movements from the exterior towards the middle of the nail, always in the same direction.

Discover all our types of files.

We have nail files in wood, mylar, glass, ceramic and sapphire. The abrasiveness varies depending on the file.

Discover our products

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EASY-TO-USE TWEEZERS FOR GLASSES WEARERS These tweezers have a unique design: their curved pincers make them easier to handle for users who wear glasses. Their crab-claw...

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CLASSIC STAINLESS STEEL TWEEZERS Our classic tweezers are available with slanted, crab-claw, straight and rounded tips for all your hair removal needs. The length and width of...

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FUNCTIONAL POCKET FINGERNAIL CLIPPER FOR ON-THE-GO USE. Its exclusive design provides excellent grip. The combination of its well-sharpened blades and an improved lever effect...

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CUT STRONG NAILS WITH EASE These nail scissors are specially designed to cope with tough nails.. Made with short blades and long handles to increase the cutting strength, so...

(4.5 / 5)

Extra-flat clipper in stainless steel.

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Choose the nail file that best corresponds to the hardness of your nails.

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This nipper is a surgical instrument. It helps avoiding painful surgery.

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THE GLASS NAIL FILE: REVOLUTIONISING THE MANICURE This file lets you shorten, file and shape even your weakest nails. Long-lasting, elegant and practical, the abrasive quality...

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AMBIDEXTROUS NAIL AND CUTICLE SCISSORS Furtive scissors feature an exclusive design with 3 major advantages: adapts perfectly to the nail’s natural curvature comfortable and...

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2-IN-1: TRIMS & PUSHES BACK CUTICLES 2-In-1 action: the Vitry Cuticle Trimmer allows you to quickly remove unsightly cuticle skin and push back any small pieces of cuticle...

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This nipper eliminates cuticles without harming the nail. Also exists in 10 and 12cm.

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CURVED BLADE SNAIL SCISSORS: PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF NAILS Our nail scissors are made with curved blades to ensure perfect cutting, even for tougher nails and toenails. They...

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SLANT ENDS FOR AN EASY HAIR REMOVAL Its wide branches and beveled slant ends allow a better grip and maximum user comfort. Its slant ends are used to remove hairs with precision...

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Their curved blades ensure a perfect cut of the nail. In stainless steel.

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NEW-LOOK CERAMIC NAIL FILE PERFECT FOR YOUR NAILS This Ceramic File comes in an elegantly-designed, super-stylish case. The washable, durable stone is non-porous, giving you...