Over 200 years of history

Respecting French tradition to partner with Pharmacists

VITRY has over 200 years of know-how, passed down by generations of highly qualified craftsmen, whose talents contribute to our brand's international reputation.

Founded in 1795, VITRY is one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in the world, sourcing its know-how from the surgical instruments sector.

VITRY accessories are reknown for quality, sold in pharmacies since 1955, perfected to the finest detail, illustrating the full refinement of hand-finished craftsmanship.

Created in 1795, VITRY remains the oldest cutlery manufacturer in France.

Once upon a time, in 1795...

XIIIth century

Its origins go back to the Middle Ages, where monks had been manufacturing sabres and swords, followed by surgical instruments, in Nogent.

XVIIIth century

The French Revolution caused the monks to flee, selling the abbey in 1795 to the VITRY brothers.

XIXth century

VITRY expands internationally and takes part in many fairs and exhibitions, consolidating its worldwide reputation.


The VITRY company is bought over by THINET (founded in 1856). Monsieur Jules THINET invents the disposable blade razor.


His successor and grandson, Monsieur Maxence Villiers launches a manicure-pedicure range, available in pharmacies.


1st cutlery display in Pharmacies.


VITRY wins the Point of Sale Oscar.


The Vitry factory, located in Nogent, still occupies the monastery, on a site known as "Le Prieuré".


In 2005, VITRY produced its first range of manicure care to meet the additional requirements of the accessory range.

New make-up signature for VITRY with the acquisition of the famous specialist eye make-up brand, LONGCILS BONCZA, founded in 1950 by professor BONCZA. The Cake Mascara developed for actresses of the 30's, and still demanded thanks to its exclusive formula.


Transfer and modernisation with a new VITRY industrial site in Nantes to continue and boost our development.


Promoting VITRY's unique expertise with the FRENCH FAB label.

Today, VITRY successfully combines high-end accessories and cosmetics to reveal each woman's unique beauty.