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Because having beautiful hands means having healthy nails,
VITRY has created its
Nail Care range for you

A care range adapted to your needs for more beautiful, resistant nails.

Your nails are a wonderful showcase for your femininity and your beauty, yet every day they are subjected to harsh conditions and give rise to numerous questions.

This is why VITRY has created the Nail Care range: each of our products can be used on its own or in combination with other VITRY care products. By using the care product suited to your nail type regularly, your nails will be impeccable and your hands well manicured.

No more damaged, brittle or split nails!

One of the best sellers in our range,


Is the effective solution for damaged, brittle or split nails. A product tested and approved by many customers. Effective after only 2 weeks of application*, it strengthens and cleanses your nails**.

Because we have different levels of sensitivity, discover the new Nail Repair Care Sensitive. A new formula containing 74% of organically-sourced ingredients has been specially designed for sensitive nails.

*test carried out under dermatological control on 20 subjects over 4 weeks with an application every 2 days.

**Keep out of the reach of children - contains 2% formaldehyde - in case of hypersensitivity, stop using the product immediately.


How to use the Nail Repair Care

The Nail Repair Care
is used as a 2-week treatment on clean nails without any nail polish.

Protect your cuticles with a greasy substance using VITRY Nail and Cuticle Oil.

Apply the Nail Repair Care to your nails after cleaning and removing any nail polish.

Repeat the application every 2 days taking care to remove any nail polish from your nails between each application with the VITRY Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover.

VITRY nail polishes
an oxygen formulation that lets the nail breathe

VITRY has created the OXYGENE nail polish formula: a nail polish that respects the natural physiology of the nail thanks to its oxygen-permeable formula. A polish suitable for all types of nail, even the most fragile. Free from toxic agents (0% toluene, paraben, xylene, phthalate, camphor, nickel), its special formula lets your nails breathe.

With its flat and precise brush, the polish is easy to apply producing nails with dazzling, brilliant colours and guaranteed staying power.

For even more staying power, apply Base & Top Coat 2 in 1 or Top Coat Gel Look or Top Coat Mat.

Every day your nails breathe in beauty.

More than 120 shades, classic and trendy, for all your desires, to be used without moderation.


Forget about cotton pads, remove your polish with
the Magic’Touch.

Magic’Touch foam soaked in a nail polish remover free from acetone will instantly remove polish from your nails.

Dip your finger in the Magic’Touch solvent then turn the finger in the foam to remove nail polish.


Discover our Nail Care products

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SAY GOODBYE TO ROUGH, DAMAGED NAILS! VITRY has developed Bitter Nail Polish especially for you - perfectly harmless but with an unpleasant bitter flavour. The bitter compounds...