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CAKE MASCARA: MAKEUP SECRET OF THE STARS A true classic, Cake Mascara has been used by whole generations of women. 60 years after its creation, this product still has the power...

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BOTTLED EYELINER - WHEN MAKEUP MEETS CALLIGRAPHY The liquid formula, rich in pigments with a dazzling shine, spreads easily for fast, easy application. Eye make-up made easy.The...

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A UNIQUE WAY TO VISIBLY AND INSTANTLY LENGTHEN YOUR LASHES The Lash Extenderis made up of microfibres, which, when applied between two coats of mascara provide added volume,...

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THE PROFESSIONAL SECRET FOR XXL LASHES! Give your lashes the perfect curve in the blink of an eye with the Heated Eyelash Curler. Get an immediately intense look (with or...

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THE DOUBLE TIP SEMI-PERMANENT EYELINER An extra-pigmented formula ensuring a very long-wearing eye makeup.Its felt-pen tip enables a precise and easy application. Semi-Permanent...

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Short & Straight lashes? So Mythic is a 3 in 1 mascara: length, lashes separation and long-lasting. The perfect synergy of a formula which extends lashes thanks to its...

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THIN & SPARSE LASHES?Madame Longcils gives extra volume and curl to your lashes. Its conical shape, extremely precise brush covers all your lashes - even the shortest - for...

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THE LASHES REPAIR CARE No more thin and sparse s lashes! Toni'cils Serum is a care treatment to speed up growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.Its formula slows eyelash loss and...

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THE PERFECT ALLIANCE OF A MOISTURIZING BALM WITH AN INTENSE COLOUR Moisturize, nourish and colour your lips with Lov'in Sticks. A balm's moisturizer, a lipstick's colour and a...

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Showing 1 - 9 of 24 items